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Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds Antique Cast Iron Deco Dragon Ash Tray

Dragon Ash Tray Pedestal Sometimes when you are out looking for antiques and collectibles you will come across items in your barn that you think are rare, unique, one-of- a-kinds and are not.  That’ o.k.

This type of barn find can be just as exciting because it’s a fun challenge of “recall” from your hours of studying your latest issue of “Antique Trader”, “Kovels”, or “Judith Miller Encyclopedia”.

That was the case when we found the Deco, cast iron, dragon, smoking stand, ash tray.

Standing approximately 32in. tall, it was made of cast iron and the dragon head also acted as a handle.  The weight of the cast iron provided stability as it was free-standing.  Based on research of past smoking stand auctions, it dates as late as 1920s to 1930s.

The Deco, dragon ashtrays are not scarce but no less interesting.  Often time’s they are found with several layers of paint, in all sorts of different colors that match the previous owners home décor.  The antique ashtray we found had the original red paint that was considerably worn highlighting the build up of corrosion.  The benefit, however, was that it did not have years of paint built up.  The details were sharp and could be better appreciated as a display piece.  My favorite was the scales that could be viewed throughout.

Dragon Ash Tray Pedestal Once again, we were presented with an antique that had removable pieces.  The first piece was a removable swivel top.  The second was an insert for the matches.  We found the flip top to the ashtray but the matches insert was no where to be found.

Finally, it’s worth noting that there was at least one other version of the Dragon smoking stand.  The most noted difference between the two versions was base.   Ours was less ornate compared to the more dramatic, paw footed base.

From ashtrays to antique banquet tables.  How much can you really fit in this barn?

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