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Atlantic City Antique Show Pocket Watches Hatpins and Phonographs

Atlantic City PhotosOur most recent antique adventure brought us to Atlantic City Antique Show in New Jersey.  We arrived a little bit behind schedule as we were packing for our weekend that included ending our trip in  New York that evening.

Eager to arrive, we diligently hunted down an open parking space.  We saw one couple with antiques under their arms and in their push cart, we knew we were close by.

As we entered I instinctively started scanning for pocket watches.  We have several fantastic antique pockets watches available and I’ll really enjoy finding ones that I’ve not seen or come across.  I was able to examine my first open face, 18kt, solid gold, TiffanSwiss Pocket Watchy & Co. pocket watch.  The gentleman that had it for sale noticed that I was curious and was kind enough to point out a special feature on the watch.  It has a double glazed feature.  Essentially there is a crystal over the front as on most pocket watches have but this one also had one over the movement.  Next on my antique pocket watch bucket list is finding a Patek Philippe.

We spent much of our time talking to seasoned antique dealers who have been selling high quality antiques for 20 plus years.  Most notably, we had the pleasure of meeting Al and Anita from “A Touch of Glass.”  Anita was busy answering questions about her hat pin collection for her customers.  She was a true “multi-tasker”, as she helped her customers she was also listening to our conversation with Al.  We became aware of this as she effortlessly finished Al’s sentences when appropriate.

Gold Pocket WatchShe had such an impressive collection that I suggested that Antique Trader should contact them for a feature.  There had to be over 500 displayed across the front of their booth, all carefully organized in several hat pin vases.

Al is an expert in Edison phonographs.  Particularly early cylinder editions.  He had a handsome model sitting on display.  He explained that he accumulated most of his knowledge from an uncle who had a vast collection of them and talked about them constantly.  After showing us photographs of the rest of his collection he passionately encouraged us to only find quality antiques for our customers.  He felt that it is a critical component and the integrity of the industry depended on it.  We couldn’t of agreed more.

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