Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Antique Eska McCormick Farmall Pedal Tractor

Farmall Pedal TractorSometimes when you are going through your old barn you will find some of your treasures in plain site.  As I was called into another room in the upper barn I was directed toward an Eska McCormick Farmall peddle tractor.  It was sitting there frozen in time just as the kids left it as they ran in for lunch after hearing the dinner bell.  The original front wheels turned sharply about to make another turn in their efforts to plow the open field.

Peddle tractors are still very popular and highly collectible today.  It’s not only a popular toy with the kids, it also is an effective way to get a tractor brand out there.  Tractor companies like, John Deere, Massey Fergusen, International Farmall, Ford and Massey Harris are a few that used this method and are some of the peddle tractors that collectors look for.

Farmall Pedal TractorOur Eska McCormick Farmall was in pretty good shape.  The steering wheel and the seat were still intact.  The steering wheel, like many others, had a broken piece.  I found that many times these two items were missing or broken.  There was also a broken piece on the front end, the paint was scratched and nicked, but it had a lot going for it in terms of collectability!  The chain was still intact and working smoothly, the wheels were not ceased up from rust, and everything looked to be original.

One interesting detail that I learned from a very helpful collector was that the earlier peddle tractors had one solid cast body.  These are rare compared to the later models multiple piece castings.  Our Eska McCormick had two separate cast body pieces joined together during assembly.  The back axles were also cast separately and bolted on.  Still, one of our highlights of the day!

We continued on our treasure hunt in the intense heat and were certainly not thinking about fireplace andirons or tools.  However, we new that there was something special about those glowing yellow and black eyes that stared back at us…

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One Response to “Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Antique Eska McCormick Farmall Pedal Tractor”

  1. Rose Brooks April 5, 2013 10:31 pm

    I have a antique pedal tractor like you show in this picture I also have the trailer that goes with it. it is a Farmall I would like to sell it if the price is right. seat and steering wheel all in contact. chain drive is in working condition. This tractor has never been left out in the weather.
    I got it for Christmas in 1956. I have pics of it new and now. I am wnting to know ifou cold tell me the value of it.

    Rose Brooks