Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Antique Prison Art Model Sailing Ship

Prison Art Folk Art Model ShipHaving gone through both sections of the lower barn looking in drawers, rafters, under, behind and every place we could think of, we are now faced with going through the pile of old boxes and wooden crates.

Exciting as that is, many items were interesting but could easily be found at your local flea market or yard sale.  We found an old cigar tin, brass eagles coat hooks, antique ice skates, several common collectible ceramic figurines, and even a pair of old antique wash boards.

Then when you least expect it you open a box and you find that special something.  Our special something was in a tall, large dusty box.  Initially when we opened it we could not figure out what it was since it was carefully wrapped in plastic that had a layer of dust covering it.  It had been in there for years, untouched.Prison Art Folk Art Model Ship

Pulling back the plastic we found an old antique model sail ship that was hand crafted with careful attention to detail.  Canvas and metal sails, hand carved anchor, cannon doors, and rigging.  It was great to be the one pulling that out for the first time in a long time.  It would need some minor repairs and cleaning but nothing a talented model ship collector could not handle.

After talking to the original owners we could see a look of remembrance and reminiscences come over their faces.  They didn’t recall still having that stored away.  You could tell they were still recalling some fond memories as they looked it over.

They informed us that the ship was considered prison art and that it was made by a prisoner in Holmesburg prison in the far north east of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Based on their family journal it dated late 1800s to the early 1900s.

Just as we finished up recovering the ship with new, clean plastic,  I was called to the other room in the upper barn.  I was asked if I ever heard of “Farmall”…

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