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Morris Chair

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Antique Morris Chair

The Morris chair was designed by Ephraim Colman, an Englishman, and was taken to market by William Morris of Morris and Co in 1866.  Many of these chairs were made of oak and came to represent the Mission Arts and Craft movement.  Still manufactured today, the basic design is known to provide ultimate comfort.  The […]

Duvinage Spiral Staircase

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Duvinage Spiral Staircase

Duvinage Spiral Stair Co. started in 1895 and continues to do business today.  These durable, American staircases have been installed in the White House, the National Gallery of Art, MIT and Harvard, to name a few.  Their custom designs, quality product and professional installations are part of why they are still in business today. While searching […]

5 Tips to finding Antiques and Collectibles in your old Barn

5 Tips for Finding Antiques and Collectibles in your Old Barn

Our very first barn adventure was at our client’s gorgeous estate in the Philadelphia region.  The fantastic old barn was part of a gentleman’s farm that operated some years ago.  It was full in all four compartments leaving, what seemed like, an endless supply of high quality and interesting antiques and collectibles. Tip #1- Safety […]

Agora Marketplace Antiques Consignment, Sales and Downsizing Service Clients

Meet one of Agora Marketplace Antiques consignment clients.  A family with documented history dating back to before the founding of America.  We consigned many of their high quality antiques and collectibles while offering consulting services on how to deal with the part of the estate that was not able to be consigned.  A complete, client […]