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Apothecary Scale

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds Apothecary Chest Cenco Scale and Jars

Apothecaries were the pharmacist’s of years past.  They were medical professionals knowledgeable in formulating and distributing medicines.  An interesting profession with many interesting tools! As we sorted through the old wood-working shop we certainly were not expecting to find apothecary items.  In fact, we were sorting through old woodworking tools and hardware and were a […]

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Duvinage Spiral Staircase

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds Architectural Salvage Old Barn Doors

While searching through old barns you can learn about the history and function of items.  You also learn a lot about the people who owned them.  We briefly mentioned in our last blog that the barn owner’s father loved to keep “stuff”.  We didn’t fully understand why until we needed miscellaneous hardware and tools to […]

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Pennsylvania Spring House

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds Stone Springhouse Cold Storage

While taking a break from our barn antique treasure hunt, sounds of a cast iron bell rang in a gentlemanly baritone ring.  Wondering what it was about, we headed down the embankment along side the barn.  Our generous new friends were pointing us to the open door to wash up for lunch. There’s nothing like […]

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Pot Belly Stove

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds Wood burning Potbelly Stove

Today in Philadelphia we are in the low 70s which is great news for those who do not enjoy 90 plus, high humidity days.  You can feel Fall trying to push its way in. The colder days are coming and it reminded me of one of our antique barn finds.  I remember seeing it for […]

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Empire Pedestal Table

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds Empire Pedestal Banquet Table

Our encounter with the Empire style was with an American Empire, otherwise known as Second Empire, banquet table. However, the Empire style started in the early 1800s and ended roughly in the 1830s.  Initially, it was very ornate adorned with extravagant motifs, intricate details including paw feet, accent leaves, rope twist design, and sometimes gold […]

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Antique Spittune

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds-Antique Cast Iron Spittoon

Spittoons are canisters that act as receptacles for chewing tobacco.  This is a bit of information that my wife wished she knew before picking it up out of the box of miscellaneous collectibles. In late 19th century America they were quite common.  Spittoons were typically found anywhere adult men were found.  Adult men were the […]

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Fireplace Andiron Owls

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Antique Cast Iron Owl Andirons

As we look back on our barn find adventures, we realize how fantastic all the authentic antiques we found really are.  The yellow and black glass eyes looking back at us were no exception. There they were standing on the barn floor.  They glowed as the light caught their glassy eyes.  This was our first […]

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Farmall Pedal Tractor

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Antique Eska McCormick Farmall Pedal Tractor

Sometimes when you are going through your old barn you will find some of your treasures in plain site.  As I was called into another room in the upper barn I was directed toward an Eska McCormick Farmall peddle tractor.  It was sitting there frozen in time just as the kids left it as they […]

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Identifying American Silver Marks

How to Identify American Silver Marks Part I Sterling Silver Flatware Holloware Jewelry

This week and next, we will discuss the basics of identifying the marks on your American silver antiques. The myriad of sterling silver items in your home may be endless: sugar castors, liqueur tags, flatware, hollowware, Native American jewelry, frames; the list could go on. You will need bright lighting and a magnifying glass or […]

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Fine Sterling Silver

How to Build Your Library of Antique Silver Reference Books

Maybe you are just beginning your collection of fine silver, or maybe you have been acquiring pieces for many years and are looking to expand your knowledge of the field.  In either case, the following books will guide you as you seek to learn more about the world of sterling silver. Encyclopedia of American Silver […]

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