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Holiday Gift Ideas for

The Kingdom of Heaven Sacred Stone- Sapphires for Wedding Plans and Mothers Day

You may not be aware of this, but there is a royal wedding fast approaching. This is assuming you’ve been in a coma or have no recent access to television or the Internet. Though not as historic as the royal wedding jewelry, we feel that more »

Fashion is a Waist of Money- Moschino should know

I have always picked the funny guy. My teen crushes were on the guy who didn’t take things too seriously & could diffuse a tense situation with a clever quip.  From Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. & Matthew Broderick as Ferris, all the way to more »

Visions of Sugarplums- Christmas in July for the Nostalgic Bookworm

My earliest memory is lying in bed between my parents on Christmas Eve – I was almost 4.  I wouldn’t stay in my own bed so I’d been transferred to a snug spot between my parents to prevent another escape.  As a typical toddler, I was more »

Yes, Virginia Christmas in July for the Santa Claus decorator

Kanakaloka.  Joulupukki.  De Kerstman.  Shengdan Laoren.  Black Peter.  Any of thesenames sound familiar?  No?  How about Sinter Klaas?  Hoteiosho?  Pere Noel?  Anyone? Time’s up!  They’re all names for  Father Christmas. In North America he is better known as Santa Claus but he’s been part of European Christmas more »

this is the wonder- Jewelry Gift Ideas Even if you are not Romantic

Women have loved jewelry since Eve plaited a daisy chain for her hair back in the Garden of Eden.  More specifically, women love Movado 18kt Gold Jewelry Early pieces were crafted from what was at hand – natural materials like shells, wood, stone or even more »

How late it’s getting! Pocket Watches Gold and Silver

The White Rabbit. Johnny Depp. Abraham Lincoln. Ghandi .  What possible connection could there be between these four characters? The answer is simply a pocket watch.  In Abraham Lincoln’s case it was a William Ellery pocket watch. In his book Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll more »

Vintage Clothing and Rope Design Chanel Scarf

Fashion fades, only style remains the same Chanel. Is there any other name that evokes such a clear picture of quiet sophistication & understated glamor? The classic Chanel suit. The ubiquitous little black dress. The timeless quilted handbag. Each piece a perfect reflection of Coco’s more »

Shoulder pads Big hair Leg warmers Bigger hair and the women who loves unique Jewelry

Shoulder pads.  Big hair.  Leg warmers. Bigger hair. Howard the Duck.  Some things from the 80’s are best left behind & forgotten.  But, the 80’s also gave us “Back to the Future”, Indiana Jones, The Police & Pac Man.  The Berlin Wall came down, Team more »

Christopher Radko Christmas Ornaments

We all have one that we are related to…you know the one who likes to start decorating for the Christmas holidays in September.  I have to admit; when I was younger, decorating was an exciting indicator of good times to come and I certainly would more »

Gift Ideas for the person who has Everything

Gift ideas for the person who has everything can be challenging for even the most gifted of shoppers.  I grew up with five sisters and have seen the most skilled shoppers of our time get stumped. It becomes challenging when you start shopping for that more »