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Gift Ideas for the person who has Everything

Japanese Ivory Carved PanelGift ideas for the person who has everything can be challenging for even the most gifted of shoppers.  I grew up with five sisters and have seen the most skilled shoppers of our time get stumped.

It becomes challenging when you start shopping for that one person who is impossible to shop for.  You know this because every time you see him or her open their gift, you see a polite, over-exaggerated smile with extra teeth looking back at you.  “It’s great!” (as they raise their eyebrows and wait patiently for the spot light to be turned to someone else.  Caving in under the pressure, they suggest starting dessert).

Perhaps the most exciting gifts I have ever received were the rare, unique, one-of-a-kind gifts (usually coming from the people that are hard to buy for).

Japanese Ivory Carved PanelIn particular, I remember receiving a large coffee mug molded in stein like fashion with MI gold and blue colors.  It may not sound appealing to you but a little background.  My wife and I are coffee fanatics and I have very fond memories of following the Michigan Wolverine football team in high school.  No, it does not take much to make me happy.

I also found that rare, hard to find gifts are the type that these challenging gift receivers will enjoy.  That’s where antiques and collectibles make the perfect gift for them.

Realistically, you will have to do better then a MI football mug.  However, for the next several weeks, I am going to do my best to make suggestions to help you shop for those challenging beloved.

We come across many interesting items and know that we have something that they will love…minus the mall parking lots adventures.

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