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Christopher Radko Christmas Ornaments

Christopher Radko OrnamentsWe all have one that we are related to…you know the one who likes to start decorating for the Christmas holidays in September.  I have to admit; when I was younger, decorating was an exciting indicator of good times to come and I certainly would not have opposed starting the decorating in September.

Decorating for Christmas stirs up good memories; the fire blazing in the fireplace, the fresh cut Christmas tree waiting in the wings while we assembled its stand.  Egg-nog filled glasses, tinsel blowing contests, setting up the nativity scene, pretending to look for more Christmas decorations in the closest with every intention of finding the G.I. Joe I ask for out of the Sears Christmas Catalog.

The best part, realizing that it was dark enough to turn on the Christmas tree lights and add all the Christmas decorations and ornaments.

One of the best makers of Christmas ornaments is Christopher Radko.  His collection is known for its quality workmanship and unique subjects.  Each one is hand crafted using methods that have been around for hundreds of years.

Christopher Radko OrnamentsHere is a message from him that comes with every ornament, “Welcome to a world of living treasures sparkling with holiday spirit.  For more than a decade, I have devoted my energy to restoring magic, sparkle and fine craftsmanship to the way we celebrate special occasions.  Christopher Radko ornaments are made entirely by hand using time honored techniques dating back to the 1800s- a process that requires seven days to produce a single ornament.  This ornament was blown by European craftsmen in Tempered glass for durability lined with sterling silver for luminescence and hand-painted with loving care in every intricate detail.  As a sign of authenticity, each with a golden crown bearing my name.  Such touches make a Christopher Radko ornament an instant heirloom and treasured gift…”

Did you see where it stated that is takes seven full working days to complete one of these magnificent ornaments?

They are glass blown from tempered glass.  The tempered glass is strong and durable.

Others are made in a sand mold.  Then they are lined inside with sterling giving it brilliance that other companies can not compete with.  Next, they apply two coats of lacquer and hand-paint finishing colors.  The finish painting is unique to each piece making them unique one of a kind pieces.   Finally, glitter and a Radko crown are added to result in a fine crafted product.

Christopher Radko ornaments pieces are no ordinary ornaments.  You will receive all the fun and fond memories that ordinary ornaments offer, (minus the tinsel blowing contests) while making a wise investment in a collectible that will appreciate.

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