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Did you receive your 14kt gold pocket watch in time for the Ball?

Agora Marketplace Antiques Customer ServiceOur customers are very important to us.  We sincerely appreciate them doing business with us.  It wasn’t too long ago that I sold an absolutely stunning gold pocket watch to a gentlemen a few states over from us.

Pocket watch sales have been brisk due to the strong gold and silver prices of recent.   It takes a spectacular movement or ultra rare pocket watch to out pace the value of it’s gold content.

The sale of this particular pocket watch did not seem out of the ordinary.  It had a nice working movement in a solid gold case that shined like new highlighting the crisp pattern.  Presently we are selling an extensive collection of pocket watches on consignment.  The collection comes from a local collecting family who knew what they had and what to look for.  This particular pocket watch was one of many that we have sold or have for sale in our store.  Agora Marketplace Antiques Customer Service

Nothing out of the ordinary until I received an urgent email requesting that I ship it overnight.  This gave me less than an hour to process it, pack it, and drive it to the post office in order to have it in the mail by the pick-up deadline.  I’m a stickler when it comes to shipping.  We prepare all our packages for worse case scenarios.  This service takes some extra time but it’s worth the extra effort.

Upon agreement to execute the request he was very appreciative and explained that he needed the pocket watch for the ball he was attending the following evening.  Yes, I said “Ball”.   Admittedly,  my first thoughts were flashes of DancingAgora Marketplace Antiques Customer Service With the Stars commercials.  My second thought was, “Ok, now we only have 55 minutes”.

It’s one thing to “advertise” that you are big on customer service, it’s quite another to actually provide that service… in the middle of a busy day trying to meet other pre-scheduled deadlines.

I’m proud to say that we did our best, he received it on time and he was a happy customer.