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Fashion is a Waist of Money- Moschino should know

Moschino Life Jacket BlazerI have always picked the funny guy. My teen crushes were on the guy who didn’t take things too seriously & could diffuse a tense situation with a clever quip.  From Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. & Matthew Broderick as Ferris, all the way to my high school crush Morley, the funny guy always won over the brooding rebel.

I’d be a lousy Twilight fan. All that moping coupled with teen angst? I think I’d stake myself.

I’m not alone.

Kevin James the King of Queens not only has a hot TV wife in Carrie (Leah Remini), but his real-life wife Steffiana is beautiful as well. They’ve been married 7 years & have two kids. Seven years in our world is equivalent to 50 in Hollywood years.

Moschino Life Jacket BlazerAdam Sandler has gotten to kiss a lot of Hollywood hotties but at the end of the day goes home to the beautiful Jackie, wife since 2003. I’m not sure how many Hollywood years that equals – math has never been my strong suit.

And, Seth Rogen is engaged to the lovely Lauren Miller. She’s hot, he’s not. Coincidence? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Fashion is another area where a sense of humor is a must. If you know anything about fashion, you know what’s on the runway isn’t necessarily what you’ll wear to the office. It’s called a fashion “show” for a reason.

Much like the text messages on my daughters phone, it needs to be translated. The colors, patterns, fabrics, silhouettes are transformed from costume to couture.

Sometimes designers bridge that gap beautifully. Franco Moschino is a prime example. Arguably, the prime example especially considering his Cruise Me Baby Life Jacket blazer.

Moschino Life Jacket BlazerHe started his career in the 70’s illustrating collections fin magazines for designers like Versace & Armani. He broke away & started designing for himself in the early 80’s & quickly developed a reputation as designer to watch. Words like “irreverent”, “rebellious”, “charismatic” & “whimsical were included in every review of his collections.

Moschino spoofed the fashion industry with pieces such as a cashmere jacket with EXPENSIVE JACKET in gold threads across the back or a red suit with FASHION IS A WAIST OF MONEY embroidered at the waist line. His suit designed as an life jacket complete with rip cord & emergency whistle is another brilliant example.

He was often compared to Jean-Paul Gaultier but their styles were fundamentally different. Moschino focused on sexy, wearable clothes designed to flatter whereas Gaultier experimented fabric changing the form & shape of his pieces.

Moschino Cruise Me Baby Life Jacket BlazerHe regularly pilloried the fashion industry in an attempt to show it’s absurdity, but in a very “The Emperor’s New Clothes” twist, the industry embraced him even more. The more he mocked, the more he was loved.

His goal was to destroy the laws of fashion so people could simply wear what they liked. Unfortunately, Moschino died in 1994 so he didn’t live long enough to see his dream come to fruition.

Moschino’s legacy inside & outside the industry lives on through his charity work for children suffering with HIV/AIDS & regularly designs for fundraisers like Artwalk New York.

‘I think fashion is something you can laugh about forever,’
he once said. ‘but in the end, it’s the most difficult thing to
laugh at because people take it so seriously.’

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