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Great Dane Canute of Robindale Fawn Pastel Painting by D. Freed Philadelphia

Great Dane PastelWe all have fond memories of our favorite pets growing up.  Special clients of ours owned two enormous Great Danes, one black and the other fawn in color.  They were so special that the family commissioned two different artists to capture their images using pastel and oil as their me

diums.  The oil painting is gorgeous as is the pastel painting!

Both art pieces are from the original Philadelphia family.  They trace their family line to before the founding of American in the 1600s.  Their high quality standard and impeccable taste translates into the art.

D. Freed was commissioned in the late 1940s to render the Canute of Robindale pastel as seen in the top right.  The fawn color is captured perfectly.  Mr. Freed did a fine job of communicating the dogs  described personality; somber, gentle, ears back and looking for approval as he sits for the portrait.

This Canute of Robindale was indeed a gentle giant but also an energetic blind giant, as told sympathetically by one of his owner’s.  As it was told, he dashed over the barbed wire fence and the poor fella caught himself on the underside.  The drive back from the Veterinarian was much to his delight.  He loved driving in the family convertible with the top down.  However, the open air must of eventually bored him as he found more entertainment in removing the bandages and letting them flap violently in the wind.  It was as if he were flying a kite on the way home.

After learning about Great Danes you can see how they can easily become part of the family.  Known to be the tallest dogs, their size can be misleading.  They are considered “gentle giants” and are know to be affectionate and great with children.

George H. Mayers was commissioned in the mid 1950s to render the black, Duke of Hatboro, as seen to the right.  Mr. Mayers was a renowned, local, Philadelphia artist.  He specialized in paint and illustration.  Many of his pieces were on display throughout Philadelphia.  Newman Galleries on Walnut Street was one in particular.  His skill and talent can be seen in his work.

This “Duke of Hatboro” apparently held no regard for rank.  Many

nights he would push the “Queen” of the home out of bed at night with one quick stretch of his legs.  Regardless, a gorgeous dog as seen in the oil painting!