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My First Encounter with Antiques by Agora Marketplace Antiques

Nova ScotiaToday I’m remembering many things about growing up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  It’s a quiet place with absolutely stunning views and pleasant people.

The last time I was there I realized that my little league baseball field was within yards of a cliff that dropped off steeply making way for a stunning view of the ocean.  Foul balls were rarely recovered.   Even further up the hill and across the main road was my elementary school.  Admittedly the view was taken for granted after seeing it day after day.  However, every once in a while I’d be reminded of it’s beauty as we all went outside to watch the Canadian schooner, Bluenose sail by.

An island of evergreen forest which included our “back yard” with tall trees, raspberry bushes, a chicken pen, and all sorts of wild creatures.  Not too far back in our “back yard” you’d find a pebble rock beach just past the beaver dam and railroad tracks.  We’ve seen our share of beavers and beached whales growing up.  In the winter, seals would get disoriented while traveling on the frozen ice and they’d find themselves wobbling along just off our porch.   Nice to look at in the National Geographic magazines my dad use to buy but you don’t want to back a seal into a corner.  National Geographic didn’t highlight the size of their fangs.

Great for tree-houses, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and rainbow trout fishing adventures.  Some of my greatest adventures involved exploring an old abandoned, weather worn, shingled house not too far from us.

This house introduced me to my first antiques.  I found them fascinating even when I didn’t know what they were.  Wood burning stove, clothes irons, a broad ax head, wool spinning wheel, a shoemakers anvil, an old crank and play record player.  I even tested the foot cranked spinning wheel, it still worked just fine.

Perhaps my favorite part was crawling through one of the old sheds filled with antique farm equipment and items of curiosity.  This shed had a cultivator which made the perfect seat so you could lean back and stare out through the massive hole in the roof.  The type of place where you dream up your dreams of what you want to be when you grow up.  It was during these times that I knew I wanted to own my own business…I just didn’t know what it would be.