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My First Antique Thrift Store Find by Agora Marketplace Antiques

Submarine ClockTiffany and we were in New Jersey visiting Tiffany’s brother and his family quite sometime ago now.  Excited to see them we drove up for a day of catching up, dinner, latest updates on Dora the Explorer episodes, and of course Auntie promises of Sesame Place adventures.

I remember frigid temperatures common here in the Northeast.  You try to defend yourself with your large over sized winter jackets, hats and gloves but the dry freezing wind mocks and badgers you as it slips past your earmuffs and slides down your back chilling you to the bone.  The outdoors was hibernating and lifeless.  Not that it mattered, one is driven by instinct to hold their breath, tense their muscles and dash for the nearest door.  In my lovely wife’s case pushing aside everyone and leaving the them to fend for themselves.  No, she’s not dramatic, really.

It had been an exciting day.  We arrived in town a bit early and stopped at a local thrift store.  I’m very passionate about finding high quality antiques and have found many in the most unexpected places.   Much effort has been spent on finding items like a rare Elgin pocket watches, submarine clock, BGT gramophone,  Baltimoreon press, Lalique perfume bottle, Morris chair, and 2 Duvinage spiral staircases.   As I pushed past most of the items I’m about to call it quits when I find it.  Top shelf, hidden under a pile of books, encased in a green felt lined finished box.  A complete set of International Pewter, “Fairfield” flatware.  My hours of studying, natural instincts and eye for quality has served me well in this business.

When the rest of us finally made it into the Vietnamese restaurant Tiffany had already secured us a table that took up most of middle of the restaurant.  Waving to us in her “peace” sign with her beautiful smile, the kids ran over with much adoration.  It wasn’t too long before we all had our steaming, delicious pho soup in front of us.  The dispute over who would sit by Auntie Tiffy was settled and all you could see were three little heads just above the table line chopsticks in hand slurping down noodles and bean sprouts.  In between bites a look over their shoulders to make sure Aunt Tiffy was still there.  I love days like this!

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