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National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Museum Adventures

The National Association of Watch and Clock CollectorsAmazing, simply amazing!  More then I expected, much that was needed.  The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Museum is an excellent source of information, displaying some of the best and most interesting time pieces from all over the world.

Absent of sleep, Tiffany and I awake early to a familiar buzzing sound that usually only pesters us on weekdays.  Quietly by my side she gets ready for the hour and a half drive to Columbia, Pa.  Not a word is spoken as we both try to stumble out of our slumber.  Two determined dreamers working together, one helping make breakfast and coffee, the other organizing documents needed for the afternoon in the library.  One managing to give a loving morning hug while the other struggles to give a loving low key grunt.The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

Traffic was agreeable, early morning drives can be quite pleasant absent the normal hustle and bustle of the work week.  Coffee always tastes better when you have time to drink it at your leisure and with good company.

Columbia, is a beautiful small town in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  The old buildings immediately caught our eye as we both love to pour over old architecture.  One old building on main street had an “Antiques” sign with an accompanying red, white and blue “OPEN” flag flapping in the wind… our type of town.  Our minds lost pondering the history behind all that we were seeing… suddenly interrupted by a robotic voice telling us to turn left on Poplar St.  514 Poplar St., Columbia, PA 17512 to be exact.   Thanks GPS lady!The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors

The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors building welcomes you with an impressive tall clock tower and the inside foyer is much to behold.   Starting with a short film on time in it’s theater all the way to the Hamilton Watch Co. display, everything was a tremendous help in our learning more about timepieces.

One that left a great impression on us was The Engle Clock.  Animated clocks are not uncommon but this one stands above the rest (literally and figuratively).  You have to see it for yourselves.

The museum has so much to offer that we were only able to get through 1/3rd of it before The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectorsbreaking for lunch and preparing for our afternoon in their library.  A stop that proved to be very beneficial.  The library staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help.  We had a number of pocket watches to look up, most were mysterious Swiss pocket watches.

We also had a tall case clock to hunt down.  An 8 day Herschede, west minister chime and strike, 5 tube, 3 weights, broken arch crest, pagoda scrolled.  Of course, before our visit this was the extend of our findings.  By the end we found that it was a Pattern #73 that started production in 1904 with a likely imported movement.  Key information that we were looking for.

As the librarians started to close up we both knew that this would be the first of many trips to Columbia.

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