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Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds Antique Cast Iron Deco Dragon Ash Tray

Sometimes when you are out looking for antiques and collectibles you will come across items in your barn that you think are rare, unique, one-of- a-kinds and are not.  That’ o.k. This type of barn find can be just as exciting because it’s a fun more »

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds-Antique Cast Iron Spittoon

Spittoons are canisters that act as receptacles for chewing tobacco.  This is a bit of information that my wife wished she knew before picking it up out of the box of miscellaneous collectibles. In late 19th century America they were quite common.  Spittoons were typically more »

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Antique Cast Iron Owl Andirons

As we look back on our barn find adventures, we realize how fantastic all the authentic antiques we found really are.  The yellow and black glass eyes looking back at us were no exception. There they were standing on the barn floor.  They glowed as more »

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Antique Eska McCormick Farmall Pedal Tractor

Sometimes when you are going through your old barn you will find some of your treasures in plain site.  As I was called into another room in the upper barn I was directed toward an Eska McCormick Farmall peddle tractor.  It was sitting there frozen more »

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Antique Prison Art Model Sailing Ship

Having gone through both sections of the lower barn looking in drawers, rafters, under, behind and every place we could think of, we are now faced with going through the pile of old boxes and wooden crates. Exciting as that is, many items were interesting more »

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Antique Morris Chair

The Morris chair was designed by Ephraim Colman, an Englishman, and was taken to market by William Morris of Morris and Co in 1866.  Many of these chairs were made of oak and came to represent the Mission Arts and Craft movement.  Still manufactured today, more »

Agora Marketplace Antiques favorite barn finds- Duvinage Spiral Staircase

Duvinage Spiral Stair Co. started in 1895 and continues to do business today.  These durable, American staircases have been installed in the White House, the National Gallery of Art, MIT and Harvard, to name a few.  Their custom designs, quality product and professional installations are part more »

My First Encounter with Antiques by Agora Marketplace Antiques

Today I’m remembering many things about growing up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  It’s a quiet place with absolutely stunning views and pleasant people. The last time I was there I realized that my little league baseball field was within yards of a cliff that more »

How to Tell If Your Antique or Collectible is Sterling Silver or Silver Plated

Every antique enthusiast dreams of finding a “sleeper”, a antique that is greatly undervalued or not recognized for the quality that it is. I first had this thrill while digging through a bin of junk stainless and silver plated flatware that were being given away. Imagine my more »

How to Date Antique Jewelry: If the Clasp could talk

Short of a date monogrammed on your jewelry, the clasp on your antique jewelry is perhaps your most significant indication of the date your jewelry was produced. A clasp is not just a mechanism. It likely has a patent date and industrial hay day. The more »