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How to Research Your Costume Jewelry Maker Date and Value

Vintage Costume JewelryTo research a costume jewelry piece, find the maker, date it, and determine its value.

Finding a Maker

Look for a maker’s name on the body of your costume jewelry. Experienced vintage jewelers can identify vintage jewelry by their look, feel, and craftsmanship.  Antique  is unmarked, but boasts detailed elegance that it can be identified with experience. Unmarked modern costume jewelry is typically a sign of a low-value.

The majority of costume jewelry has its maker’s name printed clearly.  For finding more information about the name on your piece, check out the following website:

If you have a mound of costume jewelry with makers you have never heard of, then we would recommend researching each one individually.

Dating Your Costume Jewelry

The style of the piece is your largest clue in dating it. Keep in mind, though, that a large portion of costume jewelry mimics antique jewelry. An example of this is the mounds of plastic cameo reproductions that mirror the elegance of the Victorian era.

The maker’s mark may also indicate the time period it was made in. An example of this is the Danecraft name, which had their mark change over the years. You may purchase three of their renowned sterling silver  bangles, to find the Danecraft mark slightly different on each one. The same concept is true for many makers, such as Trifari and Hobe’.

Determining its Value

Value is a complex subject. The maker and its age greatly affect its value.

Since we cannot address your specific item(s) in a blog post, we recommend keeping the following questions in mind as you explore the monetary worth of your item. Is the condition poor, good, or excellent?  If you see the same item for sale on line, is the listed price what it actually sold for or what the seller hopes for it? (Whenever possible, only search the price of sold pieces. )  Are all the parts of the piece original? Are there any repairs? Is it rare or mass-produced?

Best wishes to you as you research your jewelry.