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Steuben- Household item or Artistic Expression?

Steuben Art GlassOne could argue that Steuben not only created artistic masterpieces but also functional household items.  What is indisputable is the exceptional quality and creativity that Steuben has and continues to produce.   As such, my siblings and I didn’t need to worry about knocking over any extraordinary Steuben pieces.  Coming from a family of nine Steuben would only be admired in brochures, catalogs and perhaps a Steuben museum in it’s local New York county.

Located in Corning New York and founded by British glass-maker Frederick Carder in 1903, Steuben became a symbol of quality in American ornamental glass.  Although it had changed its name several times, it has not changed is it’s commitment to producing an exceptional product.

Steuben Shooting StarVases, Paperweights, Decanters, Sculptures, Bookends, Stemware by Teague, and Figurines are all familiar pieces by Steuben.

Gorgeous, exceptional, stunning, exquisite… words used to describe it’s pieces often by people whose normal vocabulary does not include “gorgeous”, “stunning”, “exquisite”.   Or if you grew up with my family visiting a family friends home… “Stay Away”, “Don’t Touch”, “Over my dead body”, “Don’t make me come over there!”.

Fine quality antiques and collectibles do that, they draw people in that normally would not take a second look…even  children.

I have yet to come across earlier examples of Steuben, like the Aurene series in red but that’s what keeps us going.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our adventures.

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