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Agora Marketplace Antiques

North Wales, Pennsylvania
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Selling high quality luxury items from clients in the Philadelphia Region

What does Agora Marketplace Antiques do? Products and Services

Bradley and Hubbard Oil LampWe’ve all been asked, “What do you do for a living?”  When I answer, “I operate an antiques and collectibles eCommerce business.”  Most are uncertain of what that actually is and I can tell by the polite, questioning  look on their face.

That’s o.k. it’s a relatively new concept.

So, what is Agora Marketplace Antiques?

We sell high quality antiques and collectibles on consignment, exclusively on the internet.  We do all the work for you.  From Free initial in-home consultation to issuing your payment for items sold.

What type of services does it provide?

  • At Home Client Meeting
  • Free Pick ups
  • Organizational Services
  • Marketplace Research and Price Analysis
  • Selling Platform Strategies
  • Quality digital photographs
  • Ad Writing and Listing
  • Customer communications and questions
  • Invoicing and Payment collection
  • Professionally packaging, shipping, tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Issue your payment with an Itemized list of sold items


Where are your clients located?

Living in the Philadelphia region, our services can reach clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and even New York.

Who are our clients?

We have many Baby boomers approach us with similar questions and concerns.  They are faced with downsizing a home and they feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  Some are downsizing their parents home, others are selling down items intheir own home so they can move into to a smaller condo or perhaps a loft in the city.

We also extend our services to antique dealers who are interested in leveraging the internet to support their antiques and collectibles shop.  We can help them by  reaching a broader audience on the the internet.  Weather it’s helping move out a small batch of items or executing their plan for retirement, we can help.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are from countries all over the
world.  Canada, Australia, England, Israel, Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea, and of course the United States are all countries that we have sold to.

What is selling?

Buyers are looking for Quality antiques and collectibles in fine condition.  Thiscaliber of antiques has sold well despite the down economy.  Quality antiques and collectibles are what buyers are looking for and they will pay to receive them.

Additionally, and more broadly, antiques and collectibles that are Rare, Unusual, or are One of a Kind also sell very well.  Sometimes this category of antiques makes an exception to the fine condition rule.  The Best way to find out is ask and we can run a freeanalysis.

What are some interesting items that you have sold?

  • Gold and Silver
  • Jewelry
  • Gold Pocket Watches
  • Unique French Ceramic Rooftop Figurines
  • vAntique Toy Pedal Tractors
  • Lalique perfume bottles
  • Moschino clothing
  • Stueben
  • Collectible Coins

Current Trends
Interestingly, the industrial antique category is doing very well.  Many people are using the items to decorate their homes.   Lamps, workbenches, warehouse carts, pulleys, cabinets… closely related is the Architectural Salvage category which also is sel
f explanatory and doing quite well.  The drive behind both categories is the support of recycling.

What is not selling?

Many antiques and collectibles that use to command high prices are not longer doing so.  As many of you may know, American furniture’s downward trend started some time ago.  Eastlake dressers, washstands, and sitting chairs are an example of this.  In most cases, only rare, fine condition pieces sell for respectable prices.  Collectible plates, Singer sewing machines and mass produced items of the past are great conversation pieces but are available in bulk at very low prices.