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Winterthur Country Estate Gardens and Fine Antiques

Winterthur Country Estate Gardens and Fine Antiques We were exhausted. A happy, satisfied exhaustion but exhausted. Our drive and determination kept us moving forward but sometimes you need a break. Taking a step back we realized that we had not taken time to rest in a very long time.

This past Spring we decided to spend a long weekend visiting the Winterthur Museum & Country Estate. We planned a restful weekend learning more about quality antiques.

Winterthur, one of the DuPont family estates, in many ways represents what we have incorporated into our antiques and collectible business. Quality, value, rarity, stunning products and warm service.

The property draws you in with the rolling hills and green meadows. It continues to welcome you with it’s colorful flower beds purposely planted throughout the winding road. I’ve heard so much about thWinterthur Country Estate Gardens and Fine Antiques e mansion and antiques that the gardens were unexpected but pleasantly received.

As we walked out of the Welcome Center we were greeted by a very pleasant tour guide. We all carefully filled the tram and the next moment we are looking off to our left into a sea of azaleas. To our right, along the side of the bank, thousands of Virginia bluebells. We listened to our guide as she explained how Mr. Dupont planned all the details that went into planting a garden of this magnitude. With no exaggeration, she was the best tour guide we have ever listened to. She was so passionate about her job. She thoroughly enjoyed it and we couldn’t help but enjoy it ourselves.

Built in c1839, the mansion is filled with 175 period rooms. It is so large that there are several guided tours and many rooms are still left unseen. Rare, high quality antiques, art and decorative arts furnish the whole mansion. It’s enjoyable but overwhelming at the same time. There are several “favorites” but mine was the Montmorenci Stair Hall. The staircase was salvaged from a North Carolina home and it is satisfying to know that it continues to be used.Winterthur Country Estate Gardens and Fine Antiques

The most beneficial part of our trip was a visit to the Museum. where we spent all of our time with the American Furniture collection. It’s set up chronologically with so much information that it took all afternoon. The quality and extent of the collection was excellent.

A very pleasant end to our relaxing weekend. We were recharged and ready for our next Antique Adventure.